Top FICE is a ranking that evaluates the performance of companies in the communication industry in advertising festivals at a global level.

Top FICE was born from the Ibero-American Festival of Creativity and Strategy FICE, which until 2017 was a competition that rewarded Ibero-American agencies in different categories, with academic events and conferences in a different venue each year.

For the evaluation, the Top FICE factors in the results of more than 50 global, local, regional and specialized festivals, including:

  • ADC Awards
  • Agripina
  • AME Awards
  • American Advertising Awards
  • Andy Awards
  • Award Awards
  • C de C
  • Cannes Lions
  • Caples Awards
  • Circulo de Oro
  • Clio Awards
  • Clio Health
  • Creative Belgium
  • Creative Circle
  • Creative Club
  • Cresta Awards
  • Dutch Creativity Awards
  • D&AD
  • Echo Latam
  • Effie Argentina
  • Effie Austria
  • Effie Belgium
  • Effie Brasil
  • Effie Bulgaria
  • Effie Canada
  • Effie Chile
  • Effie Czech Republic
  • Effie Colombia
  • Effie Czech Republic
  • Effie Ecuador
  • Effie Europe
  • Effie France
  • Effie Germany
  • Effie Hungary
  • Effie Italy
  • Effie Latam
  • Effie Mexico
  • Effie Netherlands
  • Effie Panama
  • Effie Peru
  • Effie Romania
  • Effie Ukraine
  • Effie United Kingdom
  • Effie United States
  • Effie Worldwide
  • Epica Awards
  • El Condor
  • El Dorado
  • El Ojo de Iberoamérica
  • El Sol
  • Epica Awards
  • Eurobest
  • FIAP
  • FIP
  • Indie Awards
  • IPRA
  • KTR
  • Luum Awards
  • Mumbrella Awards
  • New York Festivals
  • One Show
  • Reggie Awards
  • Salud Festival
  • Siren Awards
  • The Drum OOH
  • WINA Festival

The list of festivals to be reviewed is constantly updated according to the research carried out and the references of professionals in the medium.


Top FICE determines scores according to the type of festival and the level of the medal obtained by the agencies (Grand Prize, Gold, Silver or Bronze). In the festivals where another type of award characterization exists, as for example the “Grand prize, first, second and third place,” the points are awarded according to the score.

The scoring process takes into account:

  • International Festivals: Events in which agencies from all over the world participate, with open categories that include all industry services and types of agencies.
  • Specialized International Festivals: International awards for a determined segment of the industry (Healthcare, social, RRPP, Indies, etc.)
  • Regional Festivals: In which participants hail from a specific continent.
  • Specialized Regional Festivals: Regional awards festival for a specific industry sector.
  • Local Festivals: Country-wide award festival, open to all types of categories and agencies.
  • Specialized Local Festivals: National awards for a specific service.

Additional Factors Considered: An additional point is allocated for awards obtained in the most relevant festivals; this score is determined according to perception of the media and industry professionals. The level of competition is also considered, as it is more “prestigious” to win in an open competition, for example, than in one featuring a closed segment of the industry.

All of the information used is collected from publicly-accessible web pages belonging to festivals and online media. Eventually, FICE will contact the agency finalists for the purpose of corroborating the information collected and requesting additional data about awards that were not previously factored into the agency’s score for any reason.

Agencies of the year

Once the point totals are determined, different awards are assigned according to the type of agency, its specialty and/ or the category of the prize awarded:

  • Creative Agency
  • Independent Agency
  • Producer
  • Design Studio
  • Most Effective Agency
  • PR Agency
  • Healthcare Agency
  • In-House Agency
  • Digital Agency
  • BTL-Promo Agency
  • OOH Company
  • Media Agency
  • Creative School
  • Advertising/Communication Faculty
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Advertiser
  • Network
  • Holding
  • Independent Network

Evaluation Period: November 16, 2022 - October 15, 2022
Notification to nominees: From October 16, 2023
Nominees Registration: October 18 - November, 2023
Winners anouncement: November 20, 2023